“We are a new CTE high school in the Bronx, with 300 students, 30% special education and 43% overage. We offer Reading Plus to all of our 9th graders as a benchmark, and use it in all the 9th and 10th grade classes as per diagnostic data, in addition to offering a Reading Plus lab period for our lowest level students.”

Currently we have 5 teachers trained and invested and using the program.

Abby Lovett , Bronx Design & Construction

The seventh grade students have integrated the Reading Plus program very well into their curriculum. Overall, the reading program has helped the students focus and improve on their independent reading skills, along with their vocabulary development. Our English Language Learners have also made some improvements on their vocabulary and reading comprehension. The students have quickly learned to monitor their progress and seek to improve on areas where they are struggling.

The Power Learning Team has been very encouraging to the students and the staff. Their support and guidance has played an essential part in the students’ success and the implementation of this reading program.

Jeimmy Minaya T.A. / Karlenys De Los Santos T.A. / Eugenio Maria De Hostos

There was nothing sweeter to my ears than hearing the excitement of the class logging into Reading Plus. With the expertise of Power Learning, my students at Clinton Elementary were able to reap the benefits of faster and more accurate reading. Students and teachers began using the same language about question types and the use of strategies to answer questions. I am eagerly awaiting the next version so that my students can respond to my messages and thereby opening a meaningful dialogue about their learning. Thank you very much for giving us the keys to the kingdom!

The results were amazing for the classes who used the program consistently – My two brand new teachers had everyone pass the ELA!

Mary Mcdonald, PS 139